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PH Balance is important when choosing a good quality shampoo

In Chemistry PH also refers to as acidity and alkaline

PH works on a level of 1 - 14

1 - 7 on PH scale is a acid base

7 is Neutral

8- 14 is Alkaline

Your hair natural Ph level of 4.5 -5

most of the chemicals we use on our hair disrupts the natural PH balance pushing it into a alkaline stage.

when the hair is pushed into a alkaline stage the ends results in damaging hair.

when the hair and scalp is also in a alkaline stage it can cause bacteria and dandruff on the scalp and hair.

so when choosing a good quality shampoo and conditioner make sure its PH is on a acid on PH 4.5 -PH6

Alkaline and acid strips can be bought at your local pharmacy to test your shampoo and conditioner PH level

Alkaline PH shampoo can cause a negative electric charge on the hair surface and cause friction in the hair fibers causing breakage in the hair .

A alkaline substance will cause the surface of the cuticles to open and cause fast fading of your colour .

Always choose a professional Hair salon shampoo and condition for stronger and healthier hair.

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